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Serving All of Hampton Roads Since 1991.

Class A Contractor License #2705052737

City Business License #25584

Federal ID #54-1832164

Class A Contractor

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 Mike Farris                              President                                               
Betty Harrison                         Accounts Receivable                           
John Pittman                           Superintendent                                     
Kevin Hodges                         Lead Technician/Scheduling Assistant
Mary Wilborn                           Office Manager                                     
Michelle Beaber                     Administrative Specialist                     
Shirley Hodges                       Administrative Assistant                      
Trevor Ransberger                Scheduling Coordinator                      
Paul Haskell                            Estimator                                                
Ryan Haskell                          Assistant to Estimator                           
Mahkia Sexton                        Receptionist                                          
Chavonne Whisonant           Receptionist                                           
Paul Irby                                   Lead Technician/Automatic Door Tech
Stephen Vinson                      Building Manager & Logistics             
Matthew Bell                            Business Manager                               
Mike Shonesy                         Supervisor/Lead Technician                
Scott Soucek                           Lead Technician                                     
James Whitfield                      Lead Technician                                     
Gary Sabean                            Lead Technician                                    
Rick Sprouse                           Lead Technician                                    
Mason Bacalis                         Technician                                              
Reggie Whitfield                      Technician                                              
De’Andre Reeves                    Technician Apprentice                         
Andrew Johnson                      Technician Apprentice                         
Ryan Matthews                         Technician Apprentice                         
Chris Crawford                          Technician Apprentice