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Serving All of Hampton Roads Since 1991.

Class A Contractor License #2705052737

City Business License #25584

Federal ID #54-1832164

Class A Contractor

​​Before:  22 Year Old Stairs

After Drywall, Ceiling Texture, Painting and Cabinets Re-installed

​​Before 22 Year Old Stairs

After:  Bufftech Vinyl Railing System  

During the Re-Framing of the wall and Ceiling

Completed, after 13 years of leaks room is leak free

Deteriorating Storm Drain - After Repairs are Complete

Deteriorating Storm Drain - During Repairs

Interior Repairs
Termite Damage to the framing around a double window

After:  Bufftech Vinyl Railing System  

After Cleaning Trash Chute

Deteriorating Storm Drain - Before

Before Cleaning Trash Chute

After new sheathing was installed

Area of leak on roof

After removing shingles and what was left of Tarpaper